Christie endorses Romney after praising Obama


New Jersey's Republican Gov. Chris Christie said he was happy with the response from FEMA and the Obama administration after superstorm Sandy struck the state.


Spencer Platt

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie's intense praise of Obama last week has come full circle into a sort of bipartisan praise love triangle.

Christie surprised people last week with his kind words for President Barack Obama. Christie had been a fierce critic of Obama, but after Superstorm Sandy hit his state, Christie said that Obama's response to the disaster was "outstanding." His comments raised many eyebrows in the Republican establishment. But Romney didn't appear to be angry, according to the New York Times. Instead, Romney responded by heaping more praise onto Christie.

Luckily for Romney, it turns out that Christie hasn't switched political teams.

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Christie told an Israeli TV interviewer on Sunday that while Obama deserves credit for helping New Jersey recover from Superstorm Sandy, that Romney is still his candidate. "Honestly the fact of the matter is that what New Jerseyans expect from their governor is to work for them, not to work for any particular political party," Christie said in an interview broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 TV. "I'm a Republican, I've endorsed Mitt Romney and I support him. I intend to vote for him on Tuesday...But the fact of the matter is that if the President of the United States comes here and he is willing to help my people, and he does it, then I'm going to say nice things about him because he's earned it."

Christie added later: "And I've said plenty of not-nice things about the president over time — he knows that. And we joked about that when we were together this week." Awkward.