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Anonymous says it hacked 28000 PayPal passwords

"Remember, remember the fifth of November," goes the famous poem that references Britain's Guy Fawkes day, a holiday that marks a failed attempt to blow up the parliament in 1605. Anonymous has famously brought attention to the historical figure with Guy Fawkes masks, and they marked the fifth of November this year with some hacking.

"PayPal hacked by Anonymous as part of our November 5th protest," Anonymous announced on Twitter

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That Tweet linked to a document which Anonymous says contains confidential customer information, including 28,000 PayPal passwords, The Next Web reported. However, PayPal has said that it has not found any evidence yet of a security breach. 

Several NBC websites were also hacked on Sunday, the Associated Press reported. The sites were returned back to normal in a few hours, but search engines showed that the sites had earlier been defaced with the "fifth of November" poem and the message "hacked by pyknic."

Lady Gaga's website and the Australian government's website was also hacked, BBC News reported.