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Halloween brawl inside Toronto restaurant goes viral (VIDEO)


One man is facing assault charges as police comb through this viral video in an attempt to identify suspects in a Halloween Brawl at a Toronto restaurant on October 27, 2012.



Yes, you can call this a catfight and not get dirty looks from your wife or girlfriend.

Well, not until they realize you’re watching video from a Toronto, Ontario, restaurant in which several women celebrating Halloween begin brawling.

At least one of those women may (or may not) be dressed as a cat. Another catches a dinner plate in the face. Soon after, men start to fight.

The brawling happened about 3:30 a.m. in a popular Vietnamese restaurant. After it was uploaded, it has gone viral.

The 2:06 YouTube video had almost 585,000 views as of Saturday evening.

The shenanigans happened inside Pho Xe Lua on October 27, possibly over seating arrangements.

The woman hit in the face needed several stitches to repair a gash on her nose.

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One man is facing assault charges, while police comb through the video in an attempt to identify suspects, most of whom are wearing costumes.

“Everybody was pretty shocked, I thought that something was going to happen,” one witness told Global Toronto.

“The guy in the green shirt threw a menu across the room and that’s what caused the guy to throw the plate across the room – everybody just started fighting after that.”

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