GlobalPost asks the world: What's the biggest foreign policy challenge facing the US? (VIDEO)

GlobalPost writers in Berlin, Mexico, and the US asked the folks around them to share their answers to the question, "What's the biggest foreign policy challenge facing the US?"

Natives of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Basque Country, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile and the United States offered their candid answers, giving fresh perspectives on areas of strong debate inside the US.

Their answers covered areas including US relations with the Middle East, climate change, drones in Pakistan, and immigration. One Australian woman recommended that the US focus less on foreign policy.

"I think the biggest problem facing America in terms of foreign policy is actually pulling back its foreign policy and focusing more on its internal ongoings," she said.

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Joanna, from the UK, had the most negative review of US dealings abroad: “When I think about the words ‘US ‘and ‘foreign policy,’ to be honest unfortunately I can only think about bad things,” like the drug war in Mexico and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, she said.

Want to know more about what people around the world think of the US? Watch the playlist below to hear from them:

Videos and reporting by Kristin Deasy, Daniel DeFraia, Allison Jackson, Jessica Phelan, and Samantha Stainburn.