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Smugglers’ Jeep fails to leap over US border fence (VIDEO)


US Customs & Border Protection agents remove the Jeep from the fence.


U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Traveling with their own make-shift ramp, suspected smugglers didn’t expect the 14-foot border fence at California’s Imperial Sand Dunes area to stop them from entering the United States from Mexico around midnight on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

However, their silver Jeep Cherokee only made it to the top of the fence before it got stuck, leaving the vehicle suspended on the barrier between the two countries, the LA Times reported.

When US border agents arrived at the scene, the smugglers fled with their contraband, Fox News reported.

In April 2011, smugglers with a portable truck ramp made it over a different part of the fence, but authorities caught them and the half a million dollars’ worth of marijuana they were transporting later, the Yuma Sun reported. “It was kind of a similar attempt,” Border Patrol Agent Spencer Tippets, public affairs officer for the Yuma Sector, said. “In that instance they were successful in getting the vehicle over, but agents found them and seized the vehicle.”

"We've also seen attempted smugglers trying to ramp over the Normandy barrier using sandbags to build a bridge," Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Enrique Zarate told Fox News.

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