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A skin patch may be the cure to the common hangover


A new hangover patch claims that it can take away the pain from drinking heavily. The man above did not use one.


Miguel Villagran

A hangover detox patch that releases vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream may be the answer to that next-morning agony.

The Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch just went on sale in the UK, where it was apparently sorely needed.

The patch has yet to receive any backing from US or UK health authorities, said the Independent.

The newspaper said that despite the lack of official recognition, the patch has received glowing reviews from users posting their comments online.

According to TNT magazine users of the patch are supposed to stick it on themselves 45 minutes before drinking.

The patch is then left on for eight hours even after the imbibing.

The cure contains vitamins, acai berry and folic acid and delivers it directly into the bloodstream the company claims.

"Easily applied, it is infused with a powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants which are absorbed whilst imbibing, meaning a faster recovery time," says inventor Dr Leonard Grossman on the website.

The patches cost about $20 for a 5-pack.

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