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Haiti Still Reeling from Sandy's Punch

Hurricane Sandy had its start in the Caribbean, where it unleashed a head-on hit on Jamaica and Cuban, and then drenched Haiti in more than 20 inches of rain, devastating the south of the country.

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Haitian authorities are only now beginning to sort out the damage from the storm, that took more than 50 lives and displaced more than 18,000 families. Food crops have been especially hard hit.

Officials say more than 70 percent of crops — including bananas, plantains and maize — may have been washed away by the rains and wind.

Cate Oswald, director of programs in Haiti for Partners in Health offers details from Port-au-Prince.

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    Haitians await a clean water distribution. ( Photo: Partners in Health )

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    A Haitian girl receives a cholera vacine. ( Photo: Partners in Health )