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Abandoned baby found in Texas inside handbag


Police say the newborn was wrapped in towels and sheets and appears to be healthy.


Sean Gallup

A newborn baby has been found abandoned, stuffed in a handbag, on the doorstep of a Texas home.

Police and medics were shocked and relieved that the little boy survived the cold overnight temperatures on Sunday, which dipped into the 40s, Fox News reported.

The Athens Daily Review said the bizarre discovery was made by North Texas residents, Mihoko and Phillip Brown, who noticed their cat acting strangely near their door on Sunday night. 

"I put my ear to the door and heard something, and I barely opened the door and saw the bag," Phillip Brown told the paper.

"I said, 'somebody's left us a puppy in this bag.' Then it started crying.”

The Corsica Daily News reported the baby, a tiny boy, still had his umbilical cord attached, and was wrapped in towel, which was encased in a pillowcase and inside a handbag.

The baby was taken to hospital and his condition is good. Police and community workers are now searching for the mother. 

The media said the baby was in the official custody of Child Protective Services.