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Wild boar goes on rampage in Berlin, injuring 4


European boars are said to be hazardous for Mexican fauna


Eric Cabanis

One doesn't generally associate chic European cities with wild boar attacks, but that's just what happened in Berlin on Tuesday.

An angry boar—a large, tusked, and extremely angry variety of wild pig—went on a rampage in Berlin, injuring four people in a residential neighborhood, reported the Associated Press. 

The 265-pound boar bit a 74-year-old man, and knocked over a 74-year-old woman. It also attacked a 24-year-old, who managed to scramble atop a car to escape the assault.

The beast was finally felled by a police officer, who was forced to shoot it multiple times. (Boar are well known for their remarkable toughness).

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Should you be worried about being attacked by a boar in a lovely urban area, perhaps while you're sipping a cappuccino and considering the international news? Excellent question!

You might have a legitimate reason for concern in Berlin, where wild boar on the streets are not actually a particularly shocking occurrence. I refer you to this video. The porkers are practically nonchalant. (They do not realize how delicious they are).

In 2011, the Guardian reported that Berlin has issued urban hunting licenses for the beasts, which have begun to crop up with somewhat distressing regularity in nice quiet urban areas. One does't want to step out into your backyard in the evening to be confronted with a tusked horror.

Further, it's estimated that wild boar encounters accounted for around 15 percent of Berlin's traffic accidents in 2010. Scandalous.

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Wild boar attacks aren't particularly common elsewhere in the world, but they do happen, and it's really not wise to get sassy with a 300+ pound wild pig with razor sharp tusks.

The fast-reproducing beasts have also been deemed a "plague" in Texas, says Smithsonian Magazine, where they tear up fields and intimidate ranchers with impunity. Wild boar are jerks.