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South African girl, 5, scolds 'naughty' carjacker


A member of the South African Police Services (SAPS) drives a suspect in a carjacking and murder case into a Cape Town court.



JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — This is the kind of story that gives parents nightmares: Wendy Lombart was carjacked while pulling out of her garage in Pretoria, South Africa, with 5-year-old daughter Angie strapped into the backseat.

An armed man pulled a gun on Lombart, 27, as she left home to fetch her husband at work. 

The frightened mother told the Afrikaans-language Beeld newspaper that she tried to open the door of her red Toyota Corolla, and yelled: “Can I please just take out my child?”

But the carjacker, with gun pointed at her, told Lombart to back off.

Little Angie was far from frightened, according to the Beeld report, and later explained how she had told the carjacker he was being “naughty” and should take the car back.

When he dropped her off near a gas station a few blocks from home, unharmed, Angie protested and demanded he take her and the car back to her mother — and even tried to open the door to climb back in.

A resident of the area called police, and Angie was reunited with her mother.

“She was very brave, she didn’t even cry,” a relieved Lombart said.

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