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Lydia Callis, Bloomberg sign language interpreter, a Hurricane Sandy star (VIDEO)


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's animated sign language interpreter, Lydia Callis.



She's a Hurricane Sandy sensation, and she hasn't said a word.

Sign language interpreter Lydia Callis is giving New York City's beleaguered residents a reason to smile with her emotive, animated translations of the latest news on the superstorm from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York magazine reported.

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Her whirling, lightning-fast hands have been described as "mesmerizing" and "hypnotic" by a growing fan base on Twitter.

Even stone-faced Fox News Channel's Brit Hume is fascinated, tweeting "On Weather Channel, woman signing for Mayor Bloomberg during his hurricane press conference is stealing the show."

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Another user tweeted, "No making fun of Bloomberg's sign-language translator. Seriously. Only love. She's doing her job both very well, and with STYLE."

There's now even a collage of images of Callis mid-message. And demands for a fan page are growing.

According to NPR, Callis graduated in 2010 from the sign language interpretation program at The Rochester Institute of Technology's National Technical Institute for the Deaf — one of the best in the country.

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