Lake Michigan turns gnarly with Hurricane Sandy remnants


Special Agent Utah would approve of these Lake Michigan surfers.



Lake Michigan isn't on the top of many surfer's bucket lists, but thanks to superstorm Sandy the lake may be one of the most ridable waves in America today. 

Surfer Nick Rymut told the Northwest Indiana Times, "We don't get waves very often, so when we get 'em, you gotta go. It's a lot of whitewater and the waves are pretty blown out, so it's a little harder to get out because the currents are pretty strong, but on days that it's a little calmer, you'll see 30 people out."

Larry Scharmota, owner of the Chicago Surf Shop, additionally told the Chicago Sun Times, “These are the epic days you wait for." Hey, vaya con dios, brah. 

While these guys were stoked, other Illinois residents couldn't believe their eyes. Social media users jumped online Tuesday to share their reactions to the lake surfers.

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