Father puts rum in baby's hospital feeding tube


The man told police he had taken a feeding tube from the hospital when he left to go home and shower and filled it up with rum before returning.


Donald Bowers

A teenage father has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly put rum in his baby son's hospital feeding tube to "relieve his suffering".

Cesar Ruiz, 19, told police he filled the tube with rum at home and then brought it back to the hospital in Louisiana, where his two-month-old son was being treated, WWLTV reported.

His son had been in hospital for two weeks suffering breathing difficulties.

The Daily Mail reported the baby began having seizures on Sunday and was moved to the intensive care unit.

Tests revealed he had a blood alcohol reading of .289, which can be fatal for babies.

When questioned by police, Ruiz confessed to the crime, and told officers he was only trying to relieve his son's suffering and did not intend to harm him. 

The baby's mother said she had noticed that a bottle of Bacardi Silver Rum in the freezer on Saturday had gone missing. 

The baby is in a stable condition.