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Electropop from Sweden's Niki and the Dove


Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf.
Niki & The Dove band photo.


Eliot Hazel

For this edition I've turned to one of the most refreshing pop albums coming out of Scandinavia this year.

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It's the debut album called "Instinct" by the Swedish electropop duo Niki and the Dove.

The greatest music of the 1980s really is the foundation of Niki and the Dove's sound.

First and foremost Kate Bush and Prince both loom over the duo's glossy, sparkling ornamented songs.

But, in the center of it all is a somehow Swedish quality.

Niki and the Dove have the ability to write memorable hooks and choruses that are both smart and irresistible.

The three song's I've played for you are "In Our Eyes," "Somebody" and "The Gentle Roar."

Here's another one for you to sample, the song "Tomorrow."