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Cruise Ship Waits Out Sandy in Canadian Port


Emerald Princess Waits Out Sandy in Port Saguenay (Photo: Sago4/Flickr)

For our Geo Quiz – we're looking for a Canadian city getting a boost from Sandy.

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Millions of people in North America have been affected by the massive storm. There have been deaths, widespread power outages, and billions in property destruction.

But the storm brought some unexpectedly good fortune to a city in Northern Quebec.

The city is known for its protected, deep water harbor on a tributary of the St Lawrence River.

It's where a cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers en route from Quebec to Florida sought refuge from the storm.

Can you name this Canadian city?

For the answer we turn to the mayor of this city 200 miles north of Quebec City.

Jean Tremblay, mayor of Saguenay, Quebec was at the dock when the Emerald Princess cruise ship and its 3,000+ passengers disembarked on Sunday to wait out Sandy.

He says there was plenty of hospitality including blueberry pie and maple syrup to go around for the cruise ship passengers and crew who were diverted off course by Sandy.