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Timeline: Tracking Hurricane Sandy's fury


Flooding from Hurricane Sandy in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Mark Wilson

As millions of people on America's east coast brace for the full force of Hurricane Sandy, we take a look at its impact so far, and what to expect. 

Thursday, October 25:

- Hurricane Sandy hit the Bahamas after claiming 21 lives in the Caribbean, including 11 people killed in eastern Cuba.

Friday, October 26:

- New York declared a state of emergency ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

Saturday, October 27: 

- A State of Emergency declared in New Jersey, with fears it could bear the brunt of the hurricane.

Sunday, October 28:

- Death toll from Sandy rises to 66 as it moves from the Caribbean to US coastal areas.

- Schools ordered to close on Monday. 

- Evacuations ordered in parts of lower Manhattan, sections of Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Atlantic City. 

- 72 evaucation centres created around the city.

- New York’s subway shut down for 24 hours, beginning 7pm Sunday.

- Broadway theaters, The United Nations, and New Jersey casinos shut on Sunday night for 24 to 48 hours.

- Airlines cancel more than 7000 flights.

- Mayor Bloomberg said he ordered an evacuation of the low-lying areas along the edges of the city including parts of lower Manhattan, sections of Brooklyn and Staten Island, and the Rockaways in Queens.

- 200 New York Army National Guard soldiers and 150 airmen deployed to New York City. 

- The New York Stock Exchange announced it would close the floor on Monday and suspend all trading.

Today, Monday: 

- At 5 a.m., the huge storm was producing sustained winds of 85 miles an hour after turning due north, according to the National Hurricane Center.

- Thousands of New Jersey and Long Island residents woke to no power.

- 5000 homes and businesses in the Jersey area were without service, CNN reported

- at 8 a.m., Sandy, a Category 1 hurricane, was 265 miles southeast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and about 310 miles south-southeast of New York City, Maximum sustained winds were at 85 mph.

- According to the New York Post, at 4pm today, a seawater surge and high winds could create flooding in low lying areas. 

- According to CNN, the hurricane is expected to make landfall between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. on the Delmarva Peninsula or Jersey Shore.

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