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Phone insurance company releases most absurd insurance claims


A mobile insurance company released its top 10 most bizarre claims, one of which saw a farmer lose his iPhone inside a cow while it was giving birth.


Doug Pensinger

A mobile phone insurance company in the UK recently released a list of ten of its most bizarre insurance claims it has received from clients.

In the most strange claim to date, a farmer said that he lost his iPhone inside a cow while using it as a flashlight during the calving process.

The company,, said that all of the ten incidents had been investigated thoroughly, reported The Telegraph.

The list had no shortage of mind-boggling claims.

One woman baked her phone into a birthday cake accidentally, while another had her phone stolen by angry seagulls.

A man had his phone stolen by a monkey at the zoo.

A woman who seemed unable to afford a vibrator, decided to use her Blackberry instead.

It stopped working.

Her claim was rejected by the company.

Another woman threw her phone at her boyfriend who was cheating on her.

He had the good sense to duck.

Oddly, this claim was honored, said phonesreview.