Eight percent of Latinos voted early in election


Delegates wave banners reading "Forward" and "No Back" during Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel speech at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 4, 2012 on the first day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC).



Eight percent of Latinos voters have already gone to the polls to vote in the next presidential election, according to the latest Latino Decisions/impreMedia tracking poll.

The poll shows that for many of them, the clear choice is President Barack Obama.

Seventy-three percent of registered Latino voters favor Obama, compared with just 21 percent for Republican rival Mitt Romney, the poll reported.

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As GlobalPost reported, the Obama campaign has been making a big push for early voting this year, with the president, himself, casting his ballot last week in Chicago.

That gives the president a 52-point lead, Latino Decisions explained.

In addition, 45 percent of those polled said they were more "enthusiastic about voting" compared to 2008, which means Obama could benefit with a high showing at the polls among Latinos, a key voter block in this election.