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Obama photobomb: 7 more hilarious snaps


President Obama poses with students in Florida.


(Courtesy @barackobama/Twitter)

President Barack Obama's adorable photobomb incident in Florida, where a little boy at Daughter of Zion Jr. Academy planted a kiss on a girl's cheek during a photo-op with the commander in chief, has swept the Internet and undoubtedly inspired countless "AWWWWWWWW"s. 

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The sweet snap may be karma for the President's own photobombing incident (of the President of Mongolia in 2011, to be exact). Or it could just be the latest in a long line of hilarious political photobombs. After all, It seems even world leaders aren't immune to the occasional joking photo interruptions. Some of them actually take the photobombing upon themselves — Bill Clinton, we're looking at you. 

We've scoured the archives for seven more of the best political photobombs of recent years, for your enjoyment. Just in case little boys planting cheek kisses behind the president wasn't enough.