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NYPD cop Gilberto Valle arrested in plot to cook women


NYPD officers in Times Square on July 20, 2012 in New York City.


Mario Tama

NEW YORK - An NYPD officer has been charged in a bizarre plan to kidnap and cook his girlfriend, and possibly up to 100 other woman, WABC reported.

28-year-old Gilberto Valle III was arrested Wednesday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after "discussing plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat body parts of a number of women,” according to the federal complaint as reported by the New York Times.

Valle, who worked in the 26th Precinct in Manhattan, was charged with federal kidnapping conspiracy, and is to appear in Federal District Court this afternoon.

“The allegations in the complaint really need no description from us,” FBI acting assistant director Mary E. Galligan said in a released statement. “They speak for themselves. It would be an understatement merely to say Valle’s own words and actions were shocking.”

The New York Times reported In one online message Valle offered “$5,000 and she is all yours,” for one potential victim and said of another, cook her “over a low heat, keep her alive as long as possible.”

Other correspondence in the criminal complaint document Valle writing to an accomplice: “She will be alive. It’s a short drive to you. I think I would rather not get involved in the rape. You paid for her. She is all yours and I don’t want to be tempted the next time I abduct a girl.”