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North Korea has the iPad, sort of


A comparison of China's tablet computer and North Koreas newly released tablet.


screen shot taken from NKNews

It's called the “Arirang."

Earlier this week, North Korea revealed a new tablet computer, reportedly produced by the government's Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau. But the strange thing is, it looks a lot like a Chinese iPad.

NKNews, which broke the story, compared pictures of the two products (seen above).

In July, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the state had released a tablet that it called "Achim," which means "morning."

That tablet was also suspected of being, as so much is these days, made in China. Digital Trends quoted Martyn Williams, who writes a North Korea tech blog:

“Pictures accompanying the report don’t show any manufacturing, just workers in overalls checking devices — a style that’s been seen several times in the past couple of years, including once in 2011 when North Korean TV news featured a laptop TV factory that apparently produced several models of computer,” Williams wrote.

This time around, state media claimed that the “easy to carry around and convenient to use” tablet was “contributing to the country’s science technology distribution, culture, and education projects.”