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Colbert to Trump: 1 million to stick balls in mouth


Donald Trump has deleted some of the Twitter tirade he posted following President Barack Obama's re-election, and added new critiques of NBC's Brian Williams.


Matthew Cavanaugh

The American political satirist Stephen Colbert, host of the late night comedy show The Colbert Report, made Donald Trump an offer that he'll almost certainly refuse.

Colbert said he would donate 1 million dollars from his Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, to Trump's charity of choice if he could... wait for it... stick his balls in Trump's mouth.

Colbert was prompted by Trump's $5 million-dollar offer to President Barack Obama's charity of choice. That is, if the president made public his college records and passport applications.

"Nation, I am so moved by this generous offer, that I have an offer of my own, right over here," Colbert said Wednesday night.

"Mr Trump, I will write you a check for $1 million dollars from Colbert Super PAC — you know I've got it — to the charity of your choice.

"Anything. Save The Children. Feed The Children. Put The Children on Child Apprentice, whatever!"