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Meteor lands on roof of California home during Orionid shower


A meteor from this weekend's Orionid shower landed on the roof of a California preacher.


Terje Bendiksby

A meteor struck a California home last week and was found Saturday in the yard of the homeowner.

Lisa Webber said that she heard something hit the house one night but did not think anything of it until she read reports that pieces of meteor had landed in the area.

The Navato, Calif. home was hit during the recent Orionid meteor shower.

GlobalPost has already reported on the shower, which saw the Earth plough through debris from Halley's comet over the weekend.

The meteor likely hit the home last Wednesday when a meteor broke into the atmosphere and exploded into pieces, reported

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She found the meteor on her lawn over the weekend and then found the indentation on the roof.

Webber initially approached the rock with a magnet, finding that it responded when the magnet was brought close.

Webber's husband, a Presbyterian priest, has made some wonder if the event had cosmic significance, said the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It's just science - and it's cool," said Lisa Webber, a nurse at UCSF Medical Center, reported UPI.

"It's wonderful. It's like the heavens coming down, and history and this thing probably came from an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter - I mean, how cool is that?"