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Bomb chucked onto soccer field during match in Cyprus


A bomb was thrown at an injured player during a soccer match in Cyprus this week.



A bomb was thrown at players during a soccer match in Cyprus this week.

The explosion came while medics worked on an injury of a player from Anorthosis Famagusta, said the Sun.

As the medics worked on the leg of the injured player, a green flare landed next to them.

Within seconds it exploded, sending medics and players running for cover.

Victims of the bomb clutched their eyes and ears in pain.

Those who were injured from the blast were treated, said Yahoo, and the game was delayed for 10 minutes.

The bomb was hurled during the second half of a game between AC Omonia and Anorthosis Famagusta, two first division teams in Cyprus.

There were no reports of any arrests.

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