Woman falls from window in France trying to catch internet signal

A woman in France fell from the second storey of an apartment this week while attempting to catch a free Wi-Fi signal on her laptop.


Sam Yeh

Everyone with a computer has been there: no internet connection on your laptop, pacing about trying to see if there's an open signal somewhere in the house.

You might even try holding your computer out an open window to see if that works.

That's what a French woman did and nearly lost her life doing it.

A woman in France fell from a second floor window this week trying to catch a Wi-Fi signal on her laptop.

Nice Matin newspaper reported that the woman was balancing herself on the edge of the window before she fell out

Doctors say she sustained multiple fractures.

Police initially suspected that it was a suicide attempt and opened an investigation into the matter.

While in hospital she explained to police that she was simply searching for a free internet connection, said the Local.

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