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Robert F. Kennedy to sell house where wife killed herself

The mansion where Mary Kennedy was found hanged is on the market.

The New York Daily News reported her estranged husband, Robert F. Kennedy, has decided to sell the sprawling fourteen room home near Bedford, in Westchester, New York, as he tries to move on with his life.

The house, dubbed the Green Room due to its environmental construction and design, is listed for sale at just under $4million on a real estate website but it makes no mention of the connection to America's most famous dynasty, nor the tragedy that occured in May when Mary killed herself following a long battle with depression.

The Mail Online said there were rumors Robert F. Kennedy, the son of JFK, wanted to sell it because he was moving to Los Angeles to be closer to his actress girlfriend, but another source said he needed the money to pay off his wife's debts.

"I’ve heard that Bobby wants to make a fresh start – and I don’t really blame him," a source said.

He was estranged from Mary, 52, at the time of her death and had filed for divorce.

The couple have four children, including Conor, 18 who is currently dating Taylor Swift.