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Reddit, Netflix, Flipboard, others shut down over Amazon cloud outage


President Barack Obama takes questions from Reddit users.

Some Reddit users were undoubtedly disgruntled Monday when they logged on to find that the "front page of the Internet" was, well, not loading. 

No, it wasn't another Obama AMA (Ask Me Anything): Reddit is just one of a handful of high-profile sites experiencing issues connected to Amazon's Web Services cloud, which companies like Netflix, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Airbnb rely on for hosting.

According to AWS status dashboard, the company's West Virginia compute clouds have been experiencing trouble with their connections since 10:38 a.m. PDT. 

"We are investigating the root cause," the company said. 

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This isn't Amazon's first outage — the company reportedly experienced similar problems in June, CNET reported

However, Forbes' writer Kelly Clay argued that Amazon isn't all to blame. 

"Companies must be able to build in resiliency so if and when AWS goes down again (and it will,) these websites won’t be affected to the degree that sites like Reddit are currently experiencing," wrote Clay. 

Have you been experiencing issues with AWS-powered sites? Going through Reddit withdrawal? Let us know in the comments.