New Jersey mother accused of slapping child's bully


A hydrogen-powered hybrid school bus in Washington, DC, on Nov. 28, 2006.


Brendan Smialowski

Police say that a New Jersey woman boarded a school bus Friday morning and called out, "Who is Vinny?" When 9-year-old Vinny raised his hand, the woman cursed at him and slapped him in the face, according to police. She is also accused of slapping a boy who happened to be sitting next to Vinny, Asbury Park Press reported.

Rebecca Sardoni, 28, was arrested and has been charged with assaulting the kids, along with criminal trespass and making terroristic threats, APP reported. Rebecca's mother, Stephanie Sardoni, was also arrested for boarding the bus with Rebecca. 

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But Rebecca says Vinny and others had been bullying her young daughter, and denies the assault accusations. She expressed regrets about boarding the school bus but said that nothing physical happened. "I was upset. I wasn't crazy woman upset," Rebecca told the Associated Press. "I don't put my hands on my own kids. I would have never put my hands on anyone's kid."

Rebecca says that her fourth-grade daughter has been verbally and physically bullied by four students. She boarded the bus to confront the children after school officials ignored her concerns, she claims. School officials could not be reached for comment by the AP. 
“They (the boys) weren’t the ones who were suffering; my daughter was,” Sardoni told The Daily Record. But police say that they filed the assault charges based off of interviews with many students who had been on the bus. 

Bruce Bradford, a stepfather of one of the alleged victims, told the Daily Record that his stepson had a cut on his lip and pain after Rebecca allegedly slammed his head against a window.