Myanmar on "right path" over DPRK military ties


US special envoy for North Korea policy Glyn Davies (C) gives a press conference at a hotel in Beijing on May 22, 2012. A senior US official warned North Korea against conducting another nuclear test, saying it would be a 'serious mistake' that would incur more sanctions and further isolation.


Ed Jones

The US has said Myanmar (also known as Burma) is on the "right path" over separating its military ties with North Korea on Monday, but cautioned the relationship between the two nations would take time to change.

"I think that Burma's on the right path," said US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Glyn Davies to a group of reporters in Beijing. "They have made a strategic decision to fundamentally alter their relationship with the DPRK and to ultimately end these relationships with North Korea." 

Davies added, "But it's a work in process. It was a long relationship that the two countries had and so it does take some time to work through it."

Back in May, Myanmar vowed to stop buying weapons from North Korea.

The New York Times reported President Thein Sein had said his country decided not to pursue, "the development of nuclear weapons and vowed to honor a UN Security Council resolution that bans countries from engaging in activities that could assist North Korea’s nuclear and long-range missile programs."

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Last year, after decades of military rule, Myanmar initiated a number of reforms. Much remains to be done and serious restrictions still exist, but Glyn Davies' announcement suggests the nation is continuing to move in the right direction.