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India: Hot for teacher


ndian schoolchildren from The Devnar Foundation School for the Blind shake hands with their teachers as they participate in Teachers Day celebrations in Hyderabad.



To paraphrase '80s hair band Van Halen: They've got it bad, so bad. They're hot for teacher.

That's right, dear readers. Officials at private schools in Kerala have advised their female teachers to wear aprons or overcoats in a bid to stop naughty schoolboys from snapping revealing pictures of them while they write on the blackboard, or pick up the oft-dropped pencil and the like, reports the Times of India.

According to the newspaper, there's no dress code being enforced. It's just a word to the wise, as schools have had no success in banning mobile phones from campus.

"We have received many complaints of students clicking photographs of teachers in saris while they write on the blackboard. Most of these images find their way to popular social networking sites,'' said Kerala CBSE School Management Association president T P M Ibrahim Khan.

Not everybody, fortunately, is unduly concerned.

"As teachers we know what to wear. Sometimes senior students, especially boys, are curious, we hear comments, they laugh and make fun of us. But these are fine and have to be tackled in a different way,'' the paper quoted a woman teacher as saying.