The shooting happened just streets from Hofstra University where the 21-year-old victim was a student.
Credit: Joe Raedle

A girl, 12, shot an intruder who had broken into her Oklahoma home. 

The Durant Daily Democrat reported Kendra St. Clair was home alone when she heard the burglar. She phoned her mom who advised her to get the family's .40 caliber Glock gun, hide in the bathroom closet and call 911.

Kendra did exactly that.

"I was scared and I didn't know what to do next," Kendra told ABC News.

On the 911 recording, Kendra is heard to say: "I'm at my house. I'm in my closet. And I ran away from (inaudible) someone's trying to get into my house and I do not know who they are." 

"Please help me. Please." 

When the sixth-grader saw the man, Stacey Jones, 32, had entered the bathroom, she fired a bullet through the closet door, striking him in the shoulder and causing him to flee. 

Jones was arrested nearby and charged with first degree burglary.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Investigator John Bates told the Durant Daily Democrat the girl defended herself and did what a person should do.

“She did everything you would want your kids to do if home alone,” Bates said. “She did the right thing. “What else can you ask your child to do?”

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