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Broadway Bomb drops in New York City despite police presence (VIDEO)


Longboards and skateboarders in the annual "Broadway Bomb" roll down Broadway in New York City on Saturday, October 20, 2012.


Stacey Leasca

Despite the official cancelation, threats of arrest and road closures, hundreds of skateboarders descended on New York City today for the annual "Broadway Bomb."

"I'd say there are hundreds of skaters. All very exited and giving a lot of 'whoop-whoops' as they skate," GlobalPost editor Stacey Leasca said from the scene.

"They all are looking enthusiastic considering they are skating from top to bottom of Manhattan."

The Broadway Bomb began in 2000 with a few skaters looking for a few thrills.

It grew last year to more than 1,000 and more than 2,000 had signed up this year when the City of New York put the kibosh on it.

On Friday, organizer Ian Nichols told the Village Voice that he had no choice but to cancel the event.

"I don't like jail," he said in a Voice article. "They served me with legal papers. I have to distance myself from the race."

Tweets from NYC said police just watched.

The City of New York said the race is dangerous and events with more than 50 people require a permit, which Broadway Bomb organizers don't have.

Acting Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright issued a temporary restraining order on Thursday, Reuters reported.

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"Lawless unauthorized Broadway Bomb races cause problems for vehicular traffic stoppages, safety issues for pedestrians and has resulted in accidents," the city's petition said, according to Reuters.

Nichols, however, said he couldn't stop anyone from showing up regardless.

"People come from around the world to skate in this," he told Reuters. "For many people, it's the highlight of their life."

Despite the warnings, more than 2,000 people said they would attend on the event's Facebook page.

Someone on Facebook also suggested the police wouldn't thwart their fun.

"However, We are going to flash mob 116th Street and Broadway at 11:50 am and start the race at 12:00 pm exactly," a message reads. "Get the exact time from your cellphone. Please don't show up until 11:50 am because there may be a police presence. Please share this post with everyone in order to keep us all safe. See you there."

The Bomb began about a decade ago with about a dozen boarders, but grew to more than 1,000 last year, ABC News said.

Skateboarders, mostly on longboards, roll eight miles down Broadway from 116th to Wall Street.

Nichols told ABC he planned to fill in the paperwork next year.

"It has to happen," Nichols told ABC. "This event means a lot to people who don't live in the most exciting city in the world."

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