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Website uses Mitt and Ann Romney's faces to market Mormon underwear


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and wife Ann Romney's faces are being used by a website to sell Mormon undergarments.



It almost seems like a prank pulled by political bloggers.

A website that sells Mormon underwear has photoshopped the heads of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife onto their models to... sell underwear.'s homepage showcases Mitt's head on a model's body, with the thought bubble "I’m just glad they didn’t release the secret video of me dancing in my Magic Mormon underwear!!!"

The Daily Beast pointed out that Mrs. Romney isn't lucky enough to escape the same fate as her husband, where she's photoshopped onto the body of a model leaning against a dressage horse.

Mormon undergarments have received more attention than ever this political campaign, with Mormons speculating on whether or not Ann Romney was wearing hers under the high hemline of a leather skirt during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in September.

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The "Temple garments" are what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calls "an outward expression of an inward commitment," and are rarely discussed in public.

"The garments resemble long underwear and are made of specific cotton polyester blends. They feature special stitching and are embroidered with Masonic symbols," said The Los Angeles Times.

"Garments are worn by faithful adult Mormons who've received certain ordinances in one of the church's temples," Buzzfeed noted. "Mormons begin wearing garments when they 'go through the temple' for the first time--a spiritual rite of passage that typically coincides with leaving to serve a mission, or getting married.

The site that's using the Romneys' faces for publicity isn't keeping with the Mormon way, noted The Daily Beast. "It features the garments on models in various states of undress, ultimately fetishizing what is typically considered to be sacred in the Mormon community: purity."