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The Guardian shoots down reports that it is moving entirely online


Two women walk past the entrance of the offices of The Guardian and The Observer newspapers on August 5, 2009 in London, England.


Oli Scarff

The Guardian has denied that it is phasing out its print edition, as the Daily Telegraph reported the paper is "seriously discussing" a move to an online-only format. 

"Senior figures at Guardian News & Media are seriously discussing the move to an entirely online operation, it has been claimed, leaving [Editor Alan] Rusbridger increasingly isolated," the Telegraph wrote Wednesday afternoon. 

The Guardian quickly denied the allegations in the story, blogging a response just an hour after the Telegraph's story went online. 

"When a story is published that is so obviously wholly inaccurate it is hard to know quite how to describe it. A mistake? A falsehood? A flyer?" wrote Guardian blogger and journalism professor Roy Greenslade. "...The Daily Telegraph posted a story on its website saying The Guardian is 'seriously discussing' end to print edition. But the truth is, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is that The Guardian isn't about to do anysuch thing." 

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Marketing news website More About Advertising also reported that while the Guardian's veteran editor Alan Rusbridger wants to keep printing the paper, the Guardian News and Media owners Scott Trust are worried that the company won't be able to sustain both a print and online edition for much longer. 

Poynter has highlighted the lack of hard facts in the Telegraph story, the lede of which was phrased with "remarkable ambiguity." 

“There is no truth in reports that The Guardian intends to stop printing newspapers," the Guardian's communications head Richard Lindsay said in an e-mail to Poynter. "Our newspapers generate three-quarters of our revenue and will remain the foundations of our organization for many years to come." 

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