Mitt Romney cancels appearance on The View


Mitt Romney addresses supporters as he campaigns during a town hall forum at the American Legion Post 109 on March 21, 2012 in Arbutus, Maryland.


Patrick Smith

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has canceled his scheduled appearance on ABC's morning talk show The View, according to a statement made by Barbara Walters

Romney was supposed to appear on the talk show this Thursday, following the second presidential debate, but now his campaign is citing scheduling conflicts as the reason for canceling. He was to appear on the show with his wife Ann Romney. She will still be making an appearance on the show this week, according to USA Today.

The Romney campaign announced that he would visit the television show in October after a video surfaced of Romney telling supporters that the ABC talk show was "high-risk" and said that co-host Whoopi Goldberg had a particularly sharp tongue. It was the same video in which Romney told supporters that 47 percent of voters do not pay taxes. 

In Walters' statement announcing the cancelation she added, "We were looking forward to it. Over the weekend, his people said that he had scheduling problems and would not be coming on with us. Nor at this point did he feel that he could reschedule. We are happy to have Mrs. Romney on with us. We are sorry that we won't have Governor Romney and that's the situation...He can change his mind and we hope he does. It would be our pleasure to have him on the program."