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Russell Crowe to divorce, wife set to get $20 million

Oscar-winner and father-of-two Russell Crowe's marriage to Danielle Spencer is over. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Crowe’s work schedule, which has taken him overseas to film for many months, has been blamed for the breakdown.

The 48-year-old is currently filming Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” and has been based in the US, while his wife, a musician, lives in Sydney and cares for their two children, Charlie, 8, and Tennyson, 6.

The Daily Mail reported marriage problems first emerged earlier this year when Spencer was starring in the Australian version of "Dancing with the Stars".

Spencer, 43, was seen in public with her dance partner, Damian Whitewood, 38, which sparked media reports of a close friendship and that she had turned to him during her loneliness with Crowe abroad.

Both she and Crowe dismissed the rumours and made a public display of affection a few days later, reuniting with a passionate kiss in front of the cameras at Los Angeles airport.

The newspaper speculated that Spencer could receive a $10million settlement in the divorce from the actor, he is reported to be worth $65million.

The London Times said the couple was regarded as having one of the more solid marriages in the Hollywood world.