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UC Berkeley law students allegedly decipatated rare bird in Las Vegas


Arthur Jones, now 72, walked out the door of his Illinois home in 1979 and was never seen again, until he was arrested on July 19 in Las Vegas, where he had been working for a decade as a sports book writer at the Rampart Casino in the Summerlin neighborhood.


Pascal Le Segretain

Here's the latest story in the When College Bros Attack series: two men who claim to be UC Berkeley law students are accused of beheading a bird in Las Vegas, the Associated Press reported. We hope that they did not plan on becoming environmental justice lawyers.

The men were arrested today for killing the exotic bird, which police say was part of a Vegas attraction, the AP reported.

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Witnesses allegedly saw Eric Cuellar and Justin Teixeira, both 24,throw a dead bird while laughing, KLAS reported. The bird was a 14-year-old helmeted guinea fowl.

The suspects were captured on surveillance chasing the bird into trees, and then emerging carrying the bird's head, police say. "According to the security people, the men were laughing and joking about the fact of what they had done," Sgt. John Sheahan of Metro Police told KLAS.