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Parents keep dead son in freezer 6 years to cope with loss


Grieving parents store their son in their freezer for six years to be near him after he died of leukaemia. (Stock photo)


Junko Kimura

A grieving father admits that he kept his dead 18-year-old son in a freezer for six years.

The father, Tian Xueming, of a small city outside Chongqing said that he refuses to put his son in a grave as having him in the nearby freezer makes him feel like his son "never left," said the Daily Mail.

According to Asia One, the father said: "When my wife and I want to talk to him we can just pull up some chairs, lift the lid and chat to him as if he had never been taken from us."

Xueming even set up a generator for instances of power outages - a common occurrence in the region.

Having lost their first daughter when she was 15, their son was all they had left, they remarked.

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Yet, their son fell ill with leukemia shortly after he entered college.

"We were devastated. We visited many doctors but there was nothing else we could do," said the father, according to the Daily Mail.

"I just prayed we would not lose him."

The Star reported that the man has not changed his mind on keeping his son in the freezer despite protests by the family.