Pakistan's Darra Adam Khel market bombed, at least 14 killed


Pakistani security personnel stand near a bomb blast site in Quetta on May 27, 2012. A remote-controlled bomb targeting a police van killed three passers-by and wounded six other people in Pakistan's troubled southwest, police said.

Local officials said a bomb hit a small market known for its weapons sales in a town bordering Pakistan's mostly lawless northwestern province today, leaving at least 14 people dead, reported BBC News.

Security officials told BBC they believed attack was on government-allied militia that had been set up in the town of Darra Adam Khel to fight Taliban influence. Reuters said the area has been roped off and an investigation is under way. 

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The border town lies south of Peshawar, where some 20 people injured at the blast were moved for medical care, according to Reuters, but is even closer to the largely militant-held Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. 

BCC said Darra Adam Khel's trading area, identified by Reuters as Firdous Market, openly sells locally-made arms in its stalls. Today's blast ruined at least 10 selling areas. 

It was not immediately clear what exactly triggered the blast, with BBC reporting it as a car bomb attack, Reuters a suicide bombing, and Pakistan's Express News saying the blast was caused by an explosives-strapped stuck.