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'Friday Night Lights' creator Peter Berg accuses Romney of plagiarism (VIDEO)


Director Peter Berg arrives for the premiere of "Battleship," May, 10, 2012 at the NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles.



"Friday Night Lights" creator Peter Berg is taking issue with Mitt Romney's use of his show's catchphrase during the presidential election.

In a letter to the Romney campaign obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Berg called the use of "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" an act of stealing by "falsely" assocating the show with the GOP ticket.

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"Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series," Berg wrote. "The only relevant comparison that I see between your campaign and 'Friday Night Lights' is in the character of Buddy Garrity - who turned his back on American car manufacturers selling imported cars from Japan."

Romney has used the "Clear Eyes" phrase during several recent campaign stops, and it's also now on his Facebook page.

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According to USA Today, he and his wife Ann are fans of the show, which ended its five-year run on NBC and DirecTV last year.

Romney called it a "compelling" phrase in Iowa earlier this week.

"That's Americans," he told an audience. "We have clear eyes - we know what we believe. Full hearts - we love this country and we can't lose. This is a time for Americans to make a choice. We're going to take back this country." 

In closing, Berg told Romney to "please get your own campaign slogan."