NASA announced that a house-sized asteroid will just miss colliding with Earth Friday.
Credit: NASA

An asteroid will skirt the Earth on Friday said NASA.

Asteroid "TC4" will brush by Earth about 59,000 miles from here, said astronomers - an apparently close-call. said that despite how far away that sounds, it's only one fourth the distance to the moon.

NASA said that there is no chance of the asteroid striking Earth and that it was a "guaranteed miss."

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Though the asteroid cannot be seen from Earth NASA said that it would track the projectile to better understand Earth's effects on it.

“NASA hopes to ping this object with radar, refining its orbit and possibly measuring its shape,” said the space agency in a statement, reported Fox News.

There are millions of asteroids in the solar system.

They are often said to be planets that never grew up.

They orbit around the sun, with most found within a large ring between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

TC4 will pass by Earth at around 10:30 pm ET and can be watched at


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