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Zombie attack over subway seat in China caught on video (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Zombie apocalypse shows no sign of relenting after a brutal subway attack last Sunday in China was caught on video.

The attacker was said to be a 67-year-old retired teacher from Guangzhou, China who began biting a younger man after a dispute over a subway seat.

Apparently, the verbal argument led to punches and kicks before the older man began gnawing on his victim's arm, said Sina English.

The video begins after the row over the seat with both men covered in blood and the older man pinning the younger man into the subway seat.

The crowd stands idly by recording and taking pictures, seemingly unwilling to help.

In their defense, the woman who uploaded the video wrote, according to China Daily:

"We were trying to fix up their quarrel at the beginning, but these two people were so violent that they kept fighting even though we pulled them apart. We were scared away when blood was all over them," she wrote.

"They are both adults and should be responsible for their own behavior."

Oddly, China Daily did not seem to mind much about the vicious attack but rather has suggested it prompt a public discussion about respect for the elderly, particularly whether young people should give up their seats on public transport.

We're pretty sure young Chinese will think twice about not giving up their seats on the subway from now on.

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