Indonesia: teenage rape victim expelled for sullying school's "good name"

An lndonesian Facebook patron at an internet shop in Jakarta.

Lured to a meet up via Facebook, swept into a minivan, held for a week in a safehouse and repeatedly raped by drunks.

Such was the fate of a 14-year-old Indonesian girl in West Java, according to the Jakarta Post.

Add this to her list of woes: according to the girl and her family, when she returned to school following the crime, she was publicly chastised by her principal and expelled.

The Jakarta Globe reports that she was kicked out because, according to the school's leadership, "she had embarrassed the school and sullied the good name of the school.”

Police are reinforcing the girl's story, according to the Jakarta Post, and lending even more horrifying details: her tormentors constitute an alleged "human trafficking ring" that captured other young women and threatened to sell the 14-year-old girl off to an islander.

The chairman of Indonesia's child protection commission has intervened, the Jakarta Globe reports, by reversing the expulsion and telling school officials they "should announce to the other students that this child is the victim and not the criminal, as had been announced during a flag-raising ceremony there."

For all their concern over their school's "good name," the administrators of Budi Utomo Junior High have proven they're not so good at defending it themselves.

Maybe they're trying to outdo the Jakarta school that expelled a child, via text message, for having an HIV-positive father.

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