Italy: Reggio Calabria city government gets fired for mafia ties


Members of the anti-mafia 'addiopizzo' committee celebrate after the arrest of mafia boss Giovanni Nicchi in December, 2009 in Palermo. Addiopizzo tourism is an emerging trend in ethical travel.


Marcelo Paternostro

Anarchy in Reggio Calabria! Well, not really. But the Italian city of Reggio Calabria is without an elected leader after its entire city government got fired. The Italian cabinet today sacked the city's local government for allegedly being controlled by the local mafia, Reuters reported. Mayor Demetrio Arena and all 30 city councilors were fired, the national government announced in Rome today.

"This decision to dissolve the municipal council is not due to instability, but due to contiguity with circles that could cause problems" with mafia organizations, Italian Inter Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri announced at a press conference, AGI reported

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While smaller city governments have been dissolved for mafia ties, this is the first time that leaders of a provincial capital have been fired, the Associated Press reported. Three commissioners appointed by the government will run the city for 18 months until elections.