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Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper vending machines will soon have calorie counts on display


Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper said that their soda machines will have calorie counts displayed by 2013.


Tim Boyle

Major soda manufacturers have said that their new vending machines will display calorie counts by next year.

The move by some beverage companies comes ahead of new legislation expected next year that will require fast-food chains and vending machines to list the information.

The law is part of the Obama administration's health care overhaul, which includes provisions for major fast-food chains and vending machine operators to publicly list the number of calories in their products.

It also comes during a time of increased pressure to help reduce obesity levels in the US, which many believe are partly caused by sugary drinks.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the new labels on Coca Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper machines will have the number of calories per container on the select buttons.

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The new machines will offer more low-calorie choices.

According to the Associated Press, the new machines are expected to roll-out in government buildings in Chicago and San Antonio first and then go nationwide.

The beverage-makers are following a similar move that McDonald's made last month, which includes listing calorie counts on menu boards and drive-through menus.

Soda consumption in the US has been on the decline since 1998, said the Associated Press, likely due to the variety of new drinks on offer.