Libya PM submits new cabinet in response to protests


Ahmed Nabil al-Taher al-Alam, the head of Libya's Olympic committee, was abducted by gunmen in the capital Tripoli. So far no arrests have been made.


Daniel Berehulak

Libya's prime minister today submitted revised cabinet plans after his first proposal was rejected by parliament and prompted protests, endangering his new position, according to BBC News

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Protesters angered over the initial cabinet gathered Thursday outside the national assembly, and some of them reportedly called on the prime minister to step down, reported Agence-France Press.

Mustafa Abu Shagur was given only 72 hours to get a new cabinet list approved or he will be forced to resign less than a month into his term, said AFP

Shagur today submitted plans for the establishment of 10 ministries, among them defense, interior and justice, according to Reuters

Thursday's protest, some 100 strong, was led by citizens from the towns of Zawiya and Zuwara, said BBC

Libya's new government is supposed to be temporary anyway, according to the transition plan described by AFP, only allowed in power for about a year so that a new constitution can be written and fresh elections held.