Joyce Trail, UK dentist, jailed for conning British healthcare system out of more than $2 million


UK dentist Joyce Trail is jailed for conning British health care system out of 1.4 million pounds.


Alan Crowhurst

UK dentist Joyce Trail was handed a seven-year jail sentence for cheating Britain's National Health Service (NHS) out of the equivalent of roughly $2.25 million, reported SKY News

Let's put that 1.4 million pound figure in context: it would have provided life-saving drugs to 51 people suffering from leukemia, according to presiding Judge Peter Carr, reported BBC News

Yikes. It's kind of amazing she wasn't caught earlier -- apparently, she submitted claims for more than 100 dead patients, not to mention a bunch of duplicate claims, according to BBC.

In total, the 50-year-old dentist handed in a whopping 7,000 invoices for work she didn't do between 2006 and 2009, said investigators, according to SKY

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At the ruling on Friday, Judge Carr accused Trail of being motivated by pure greed, said BBC. Her 33-year-old daughter was also sentenced to two years for helping her mother. 

She was given six-and-a-half years on charges of conspiracy to defraud and an additional six months for "perverting the course of justice," according to BBC

The case came out of a random NHS check on Trail's office, monitoring that raised several red flags and prompted closer scrutiny of the Birmingham dentist's activities. 

The result? Fraud on "an industrial scale," reported SKY, saying investigators pored over 85,000 documents and 14,000 exhibits involved in the case. 

Trail conned the system back in 2004 but was found out and told to repay the equivalent of roughly $500,000. 

According to Judge Carr, the 2004 case paved the way for further deceit. He told Trail, "not wishing to forgo the lifestyle to which you by then had become accustomed, you deliberately set out to ensure that you did not," adding, "[y]ou knew, as a result of that investigation, exactly what was required to try and ensure that your fraud was not discovered," according to BBC