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Boobs and booze: no more waiting thanks to G Spirits


Amina Malakona pours G Spirits' Rum No. 1 over her exposed breasts in this promotional photo.


G Spirits

Leave it to the Germans, they’ve found a way to give you bare breasts BEFORE you finish a bottle of whisky.

G Spirits, a German liquor company, is now selling vodka, rum or whisky it pours over a naked model’s bare breasts before bottling it.

We know, right? These guys are geniuses.

They really are. They can actually analyze their booby-booze psychologically.

“To create the perfect taste we let every single drop of our spirits run over the breasts of a special woman, one whose characteristics we saw reflected in the liquor,” the website says.

To connect you even further to your lascivious libation, you get a collector’s card signed by the model in question.

Collect them all.

Trade with your friends.

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“We have a special basin made out of glass,” it says on the G Spirits Q&A. “After the liquor is poured over the breasts, it runs directly into the basin.

“Afterwards the spirit gets analyzed in a laboratory then it’s bottled.”

Among the models is Alexa Vargas, the 2012 Playmate of the year in Hungary, the New York Daily News reported.

While still anonymous, the creators claim they were motivated by Diamond Filtered Vodka, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Bottles of G-Spirits sell online for about $180, plus shipping and handling.

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