Is the latest employment report too good to be true? Jack Welch cries foul, sparks Twitterstorm


Former GE Chairman, Jack Welch, is ready to fight.

The latest US jobs report claims that 114,000 payroll jobs were added in September while the unemployment rate dropped to a 44-month low of 7.8 percent.

While it is common for employment figures to fluctuate month to month, the numbers outlined in the latest jobs report show an especially marked improvement in a job market that has seemed listless in recent months. While many across the country are rejoicing in response to the favorable economic news, the sentiment is certainly not shared by all.

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Coming on the heels of the first presidential debate in which many believe Obama to have fallen flat, conservatives are charging that the numbers reflected in September's jobs report are not only convenient but too good to be true. Specifically, former GE CEO, Jack Welch, and other conservative critics of the Obama administration, aired their grievances on Twitter, starting what has become known as the "job truther" movement, suggesting that Obama and his Chicago cronies cooked the books in a desperate attempt to win back favor among the American electorate after a poor showing in this week's presidential debate.

While the Labor Department was quick to dismiss the conservative claims, Twitter users were not so eager to put the issue to bed. Below, is a round up of the social media frenzy that took place in the wake of Jack Welch's infamous tweet: 

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