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Jarabe De Palo: Spanish Latin Rock Recycled


Jarabe De Palo "Orquesta Reciclando" CD Cover (Nacional Records)

Jarabe De Palo is one of Spain's most successful rock bands and they've been around for a while.

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Back in 1996, they scored a huge international hit with the song "La Flaca."

And for the album "Orquesta Reciclando" (Recycled Orchestra) they recorded a new version of the song.

The album is full of new versions of vintage Jarabe de Palo tunes.

"Songs are like wine," Pau Dones, the band's front man explains. "You can drink a young wine and it's okay, but if you drink this wine 10 years after maybe it's better. Songs are the same. We compose a song and then we record it in the studio, but there's no time to let them grow up. So we did this exercise and it was fun and the result was very good."